While you will probably never see a professional photographer snapping photos of sporting events or live performances with an iPhone, you don’t need an expensive DSLR camera to get print-worthy pics. Just pull out your trusty smartphone and follow a few easy tips. Your photos will make everyone smile long after they say “cheese!”
First of all, practice makes perfect. You need to be comfortable with your phone and its functions before you start clicking away on the camera app. Know how to open the camera quickly so you don’t miss that perfect moment. Smartphones have different shutter speeds, flash and focus options, so play around with the settings until you can change them with your eyes closed.

Perhaps the one biggest factor in all photography is lighting. Too much or too little of it can simply ruin a smartphone picture. Remember to make sure the subjects of your photos are always well lit. Inside or outdoors, try and have the lighting behind you. Otherwise, your pics may look overexposed and washed out.

There are countless third-party apps you can download on your phone. Experiment with a few or many of them! From filters to photo enhancers and even panorama apps, you can touch up and improve your stock photography and add some creative effects.

Don’t depend on digital zoom. For most smartphones, the digital zoom option only increases the image size instead of actually zooming into it. Too much zoom will make your photos blurry and pixelated. To get a great close-up, just take a few steps closer to your subject.

Take lots (and lots) of photos! Those pro photographers never take a single shot of anything. Neither should you. Taking ten shots of the same subject will leave you lots of options to pick the best one. And you can always delete the images that didn’t turn out so great. Experiment with different angles, perspectives and backgrounds, and don’t be afraid to be artistic. Once you take these tips into consideration, you’ll be blown away at how you capture life all around you.