Well, the party seems to be revving up, according to many major media outlets. Over the weekend a certain Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, was at a party and mentioned to a group of friends that Google is definitely working on a Tablet personal computer.
Wow… This is big news yeah?
Yes, this is really big news. The really huge revelation would be if Google WAS NOT working on a Tablet computer. The story was broken by the New York Times and there is no secret to the fact that Google is working on an eBook store. This story goes back to October 2009 and was assumed to be a response to the now infamous Google Books decision. Google is also working on a TV network (Google TV), a utility company and, well a little something of everything. Nevertheless, a Tablet? Gee, what a surprise (/ sarcasm).

The Android Conundrum

One of the big shockers is that, according to the source, the tablet will run Android. This is a shocker because everyone assumed that any Tablet computer, Netbook or other platform that Google would have a hand in building would have run Chromium, otherwise known as the Chrome OS. However, with so many Android based smartphones on the market and the maturity the platform is experiencing, any Google Tablet would certainly be running Android to further the efforts and the profits. Many of the Google Tablet stories published with some images of a supposed “mock-up” of the new Google Tablet. Howeveer, they are not real mock-ups of the Android based tablet but actually mock-up images of a Chromium OS based design and are a possible User Interface design.

There are a world of tablets coming down the lane and Google will be one of the many who are adding to the line of them. The stage has been set for the big rivalry between Google and Apple, although, oddly enough, the rivalry between Apple and Adobe is far more intense, and makes much less sense. Oh… and what about the rivalry between Apple and Mac? No, I am not crazy! Apple boycotted the MacWorld Expo 2010 and has decided to refrain attending in the future as well. The last appearance was MacWorld’s Expo in January of 2009. With all of these exciting and deliciously catty corporate tech wars filling the news lately, it is understandable that everyone is digging for the next biggest and best scoop. and the current one happens to have Google’s name on it.

Media Moving Too Soon?
However, I think I am not alone when I say that I get a little annoyed with the major media assets who are determined at jumping the gun on something like this. They are going on a simple statement made at a party, unofficial and overheard heresay. While I understand some of the biggest stories have broken this way, there is simply not enough to go on in this case, unless you are counting the Google E-book store plans and somehow putting the two together, it might make sense. This situation reminds me of the Apple Tablet rumors that surfaced a full 20 years before they actually released, let alone announced they were even thinking of releasing, a tablet PC.

Verified Information

The only verifiable information is that Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google Inc. was at a party in Los Angles, CA and happened to mention Google was working on a tablet, that they are “working with manufacturers and it will run Android.” We can only hope that the manufacturer is HTC, considering past performance, and that Google will have the ability to avoid another Nexus One mishap, otherwise known as the greatest Smartphone that wasn’t. Android has all the potential to be a real winner as the User Interface is good but HP’s recent Sense UI running on top of Android shows obvious the path to the future. HTC is the market up-and-comer. Nevertheless, the Nexus One suffered from anticipation disappointment, sticker shock and the complex scavenger hunt needed to actually buy one. Yes, Google is working on a Tablet. Ok, so anyone for a Google Burger?

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