Most users who have just updated to the latest Microsoft update, and they experience a blue screen issue after rebooting, or their device after the update is delayed. Some users also said that their% CPU and % Disk increased abnormally. Today, I will show you how to fix it.

Specifically, after updating the packages KB4551762, KB4540673, KB4535996, the user’s device has been suspended (black screen) at the boot screen. Some users have a blue screen error (BSOD), even they cannot boot into Windows. Some people who update later, the search button does not work; the application starts up very slowly.

Instructions for troubleshooting

  • Go to Setting> Update & security
  • At the Windows Update section, select View Update History
  • Click on Installed Updates. The Installed Updates dialog box will appear, you proceed to uninstall the KB4551762


  • Windows 10 KB4535996 is an optional patch, which means that if it is not installed, it will not show up again in the next update.
  • Windows 10 KB4540673 can be the culprit that makes boot time, overall performance. This update is the culprit.

Uninstall the two updates above. If you do not see the above two update packages in the Installed Updates dialog box, you uninstall KB4551762 because it includes both two packages.

Please share it with many people to fix it!