Too good to be true ? And is it worth it ? Read on…

Compaq CQ62-219WM review is powered by the Intel Celeron 900, which is essentially a single core processor clocked at 2.2 GHz. It comes with 2 GB of RAM and 250 GB of Hard Disk. While we can say that there should not be any issue with the comparatively smaller 250 GB Hard Disk, the RAM at 2 GB could be slightly at low end. The Intel’s Celeron processor at 2.2 GHz is obviously not a great processor in today’s standard, where the market is swamped with two core and 4 core processor. But it will let you do most of the home and office computing without any hitch. If most of your work centers around the web surfing, internet, email,document editing, typing, you essentially do not need anything more powerful than the Compaq CQ62-219WM. The Celeron 900 is sufficient for your purpose unless you plan to do something more than that.

There is one peculiar thing you must be aware of the Compaq CQ62-219WM notebook, or any notebook in the Compaq CQ62 for that matter. And it is the keyboard in the Compaq CQ62. The bottom left key on all keyboards is usually a Ctrl Key. This help easy identification, by being in the corner. With Compaq CQ62, it is not so. You will instead find a Calculator key instead. So if you are used to press the Ctrl Key at the bottom left corner, every time you intend to press the Ctrl Key, you will end up see a Calculator popping up. This makes a very annoying experience. If you get used to this keyboard, you will have issue with other common keyboards. Another issue with the Compaq CQ62-219WM is that the keyboards are not raised, to the typing experience is not as good. The third complaint is from the left and the right buttons on the mouse pad. You really need a hard press to be able to do that. And when you press, it does not make a click. The typing experience is not very pleasant with the Compaq CQ62-219WM.

So, if we do not recommend this notebook as part of the Compaq CQ62-219WM review, it is not because of its slow processor or the low RAM. Everyone knows that they are not going to get a high end processor base notebook under $300. But the reason for not recommending the Compaq CQ62-219WM is the bad typing experience. So if you buy this notebook, you are warned that you may not have good typing experience. If you need to type a lot, you may like to opt for Sony Viao, or, slightly less expensive Toshiba Satellite notebooks.

Couple of more notes on this notebook. It DOES NOT COME WITH WEBCAM. So you will be dissapointed if you were looking for. Also, the link to the circuitcity price is for a REFURBISHED notebook. It indicates that the users had a higher degree of dissatisfaction with this product.

The Compaq CQ62-219WM however, comes with other common features including the wired and wireless networking, USB ports, DVD drive.

The bottom line is – If you can do with the keyboards and without webcam, this is not a bad notebook to have. But be prepared to return it within the time period , if your satisfaction with the keyboard is not good.