If you are planning to buy a classic car someone you classical studies, please note that it is always a bit difficult. One is not always to be careful so that patients can recognize when considering the purchase of a car on the right to own a car. Apart from the obvious items like a car, check the title of the story, the new, restored version compare prices, please check your car to really avoid disappointment. Some errors, the check engine compression, even if the auto repair, you can find, is to take you for a test drive. Thus, one which includes all parts of the car through the list as a checklist should use a trusted mechanic, who can not appropriate additional cost.

The first step in testing is a classic car, please ensure that the documentation of the car and all your original documents. These, VIN, vehicle and car pictures, before and after, must be the same as when you collected. You also need to check the history of service for planned maintenance and repair. You can then start the car and the engine rotation. The engine is smooth, please take note that sometimes the sound of everything we do.

Check the exhaust gas leaves the car when the engine is hot, hear the engine idle quality when you start again. It is now a car for a test drive. People in this stage is to determine the engine power and acceleration, especially when you want it, the engine and automatic transmission, brakes, steering wheel testing, please check the operation of the gauge and listen to the chassis. Automatic transmission, steering response and smooth but can be shifted smoothly, please note whether it is valid and brakes.

To determine the most important part of a classic vehicle for accessing the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Check outside to rust, repair of damage, damage to chrome, mirror, dent, dents, and the alignment state of the body panels painted for the state overall. All exterior and interior lighting, you should check to ensure they work for. This is the headlights, tail lights, parking lights, brake lights, reversing lights and includes the hazard lights.Such a seat belt, alarm clocks and audio test, horn, lights, glove box, armrest, door off the fuel, such as steering columns, please check all of the interior. All door handles, and in the operation of automatic and manual door mirrors, must be both necessary work functions.

Finally, check your car tires and rubber parts, you need to check under the hood. Food, oil leaks leaks, oil level, wiring, engine bearings, the bottom of the water pump, fuel pump and fuel filter you want to check the leak. You are correct tire size, you need to fit together all of the tread depth and pressure. Check for excessive wear, please make sure that the valve spindle to change the state of it.