Here are your 2008 fantasy football draft kit cheatsheets. This is the order of players to pick before the season.


1. Tony Romo-  Romo is also good, but Brady is still the only QB to pick before the 3rd round.

2. Peyton Manning- He is great, but Joseph Addai is getting bigger and bigger on the Colts. Manning is a better 3rd round pick.

3.  Drew Brees- This QB may not have tons of receviers, but he can always make short  passes to Reggie Bush or Jeremy Shockey in the red zone.

4. Carson Palmer- Palmer would be a great steal in the end of the 3rd round after getting two good RBs. He is throwing to two of the best in the game.

5. Ben Roethlisberger- He has a great arm and an assortment of good WRs.

6. Donovan McNabb- McNabb has a couple of great targets and he can flip it to Westbrook and let him do the work.

7. Derek Anderson- This QB could be a star this year, but if you are going to take him, get him in a late round.

8. Matt Hasselbeck- A safe pick that won’t be the best or the worst.

9. Jay Cutler- Another safe pick. Similar to Hasselbeck.

10. Jon Kitna- Kitna has a very powerful arm and would be a great sleeper pick that you could get in a later round.

11. Eli Manning- Coming off the Super Bowl win, he will have new confidence and be ready for a great season.

12. Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers is ready to fill Brett Favre’s shoes because he is a very good player and has a lot of great WRs to help him.

Who not to pick: David Garrard- The running backs run the show in Jacksonville.

Derek Anderson- He has yet to prove himself (he may be a good pick in the 4th round).

Brett Favre, Vince Young and Matt Schaub- May be good late round picks.

Running Backs:

1. Ladainian Tomlinson- This RB is special because his team also has a good passing game. He is so good that he is still most of the offense.

2. Brian Westbrook- He is a great second round pick because he can get so many receiving yards.

3. Adrian Peterson- He is dropped to the 3 spot after Westbrook because he might share some carries with Chester Taylor, but will probably be lone back by the end of the year so he is still a good pick. If you want to take him after Jackson or others go, you probably will not get him.

4. Steven Jackson- Another RB on a team with a good offense. He is in his contract year and is a great third pick.

5. Joseph Addai- He is a big part of completing a good offense in Indianapolis.

6, 7, 8. Larry Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, and Clinton Portis- These are players who could have explosive years.

9. Frank Gore- He has dropped down on my list because his team is very bad and sometimes cannot give him good enough blocking and other help.

10. Marion Barber- He will get more carries this year, but still will not run the show in Dallas.

11. Ryan Grant- Grant is a safe pick to have a pretty good year and there is a small chance that he will have an amazing year.

12. Will McGahee

13. Reggie Bush- He will have a great year and get a lot of receiving yards.

14. Michael Turner- Having always been in LT’s shadow, he could finally break out this year.

15. Ronnie Brown- Brown is a great surprise pick because before he was hurt last year he was leading RBs in fantasy. He might be a later pick if he is hurt for the beginning of the season.

16. Brandon Jacobs- He will help Eli in goal line plays by just pushing the ball into the end zone.

17. Darren McFadden- McFadden will be the center of the Raiders’ offense.

18. Selvin Young- He will help a pretty good passing game with Jay Cutler.

19. 20. Willie Parker, Laurence Maroney- These players are both part of teams that have a very good passing offense.

21. Edgerrin James- He is a bit overshadowed by a very good QB and two very good WRs.

22. Earnest Graham- A good RB with a lot of potential.

23. Thomas Jones- Jones will have less of a role with Favre joining, but Favre will also bring more offense to help the team.

24. Jamal Lewis- He will help Derek Anderson’s offense.

Who not to pick: Maurice Jones-Drew- He shares too much running time with Fred Taylor.

Later Round Picks: These players will be very good if the other RBs in their system get injured: Jonathan Stewart, Maurice Morris, Chester Taylor, and Felix Jones.

Wide Receivers:


TIght Ends, Kickers, and Defenses: