The Fortnite Battle Royale game is a free to play online shooter that has taken the world by storm. With the release of Season 7, players have been reporting lower FPS rates on their consoles and PC’s than before. If you’re also experiencing this issue and want to know how to increase your fps in Fortnite, then read on! This article will provide tips for improving performance so you can get back into the game faster.

How to Increase FPS in Fortnite

How do I fix low fps in fortnite?

– Close Background Programs: Some programs running in the background can be taxing on your system and may contribute to lower frame rates. It is recommended that players close any unnecessary applications before playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

– Update Your Drivers: If you are using a desktop, make sure that your drivers have been updated to their latest versions. This should increase video and graphics performance which is crucial for Fortnite Battle Royale.

– Update Your Graphics Card Drivers: Similar to the procedure above, if you’re using a laptop or computer with integrated graphics then updating these drivers will help increase your game performance.

– Clear The Cache: You may need to clear the cache on any consoles you are playing Fortnite Battle Royale on, as this will delete temporary files that can slow down loading times or impact graphics and gameplay quality.

– Update Your Software/OS: If an update is available for your operating system (PC or console), it is advised that you update to the latest version, as this will help improve game performance and graphics.

– Close Background Apps: Similar to step one, closing programs running in the background can increase FPS rates on your device. This includes but isn’t limited to Discord or Skype chat and audio apps like Spotify.

– Lower The Graphics Quality: Lowering the graphics quality should not negatively impact your gameplay experience, and may allow you to play Fortnite Battle Royale at a higher FPS rate.

– Enable Vsync On Your Console/PC: If you’re playing on console or PC this will limit how often frames are rendered in order to keep it synchronized with your monitor’s refresh rate.

– Lower The Resolution: This should not affect your gameplay experience and will help with FPS rates on consoles or PC.

– Change Keyboard Settings To “Inverted”: If you’re playing Fortnite Battle Royale on a desktop, one option is to change the keyboard settings for the game from default to inverted so that WASD keys correspond to the arrow keys.

– Make Sure You’re Using The Latest Version: If you have an older version of Fortnite Battle Royale, it is recommended that players update to the latest available software in order for their device to experience optimal performance and game quality.

– Update Drivers & Graphics Card Software: On PC’s or laptops with integrated graphics, update both the drivers and graphics card software to increase FPS rates.

– Disable Windows Aero: If you’re playing Fortnite Battle Royale on a PC with Windows, this can be disabled in order for your game to run at optimal performance levels without being affected by the graphical effects of Window’s default theme.

– Enable VSync On Console: For console players, this will limit how often frames are rendered in order to keep it synchronized with your monitor refresh rate.

– Update To Latest Version: This should be done for both consoles and PC’s as they have the ability to install updates. Updating your devices will help increase performance levels which is crucial when playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

– Run In Windowed Mode: If you have a laptop or PC with lower specifications, one solution is to run the game in windowed mode so that it doesn’t need as much processing power. This will prevent Fortnite Battle Royale from running at low FPS rates but may also result in graphics glitches.

– Lower Graphics Quality & Resolution: Similar to step four, this will allow you to play at a higher FPS rate but may compromise game quality.

– Enable VSync On Laptop/PC: This should be used for laptops or PC’s with lower specifications in order to increase performance and decrease input lag when playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

– Disable Game Streaming Apps: Another option for laptop or PC’s is to disable any external game streaming apps, such as OBS Studio.

– Increase Memory: If you’re playing on a desktop computer with integrated graphics and are experiencing low FPS rates it may be due to insufficient memory. Increasing the amount of RAM in your device should help increase performance levels when running Fortnite Battle Royale.

– Update Graphics Card Drivers: For laptops or PC’s with a dedicated graphics card, update the drivers in order to improve performance and increase FPS rates when playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

– Upgrade To Faster CPU/GPU: If you are experiencing low FPS rates as well as laggy input while playing on your desktop computer then it may be due to the device’s slow CPU or GPU. Upgrading these components should increase performance levels and help with input lag when playing Fortnite Battle Royale on a PC.

– Update Operating System: If your computer is still experiencing poor FPS rates after following all of the steps listed, then one option is to update Windows for optimal performance.

– Clean Install: This should only be done if you are experiencing performance issues on your PC and have tried all of the other methods listed here without success. When doing a clean install, back up any important content to prevent data loss. Then download Windows from Microsoft’s website and follow their installation instructions for optimal results when playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

– Disable Mouse Acceleration: If your computer is experiencing high latency and low FPS rates, this could be caused by the mouse acceleration settings being too high or set to “enhance pointer precision”. To remedy this, disable the option for enhanced pointers in Windows’s Control Panel as well as disabling any custom mouse sensitivity changes that may have been made. You can use best fornite mouse for increase fps in game

– Check Input Lag: Following the performance tips listed is a good way to increase FPS rates when using Fortnite Battle Royale on PC’s. However, this will not be helpful if your input lag levels are too high as it may lead to Fortnite Battle Royale running at low fps rates or being unplayable due to input lag. To check your input lag, download an application called “In-game Frame Counter” and run Fortnite Battle Royale to see the result in milliseconds.