Who Is The Online marketing Lawyer

The “Online marketing Lawyer” is the pen name of Micah Buchdahl, the lawyer that runs www.internetmarketingattorney.com. The site is a source for attorneys to market their services and also companies. The site holds the Internet Marketing Lawyer Awards, and also the Nifty 50 Website Review. Buchdahl additionally has a blog, www.MarketingAttorney.com. On the blog site, he often answers reader concerns.

Buchdahl is involved in HTMLawyers Inc, however the Web marketing Attorney website looks planned to be practical, sincere as well as educational as opposed to an effort to ham-handedly steer prospective clients toward his consulting solutions. In fact, the website does not permit advertising and marketing support or supplier affiliations in any way. In effect, Buchdahl has actually produced an useful, well considered, useful website, not a sales pitch. This, by itself, is good Online marketing technique, and also suggests Buchdahl most likely understands what he’s performing in terms of advertising and marketing law office and even attorneys on the Internet.

Among the cornerstones of the website is “Micah’s Nifty 50. It was presented in January 2001, and also is currently a reference resource for effective law practice web sites. Inclusion in the “50” does not necessarily suggest the site is exceptional, however instead that it has an outstanding function or component. The listing is upgraded occasionally, with previous checklists still offered online. Hence there are now over 200 examples on the website.

The Internet Marketing Attorney ranks the websites of each of the 250 largest law practice in the USA. Buchdahl assessed the sites by surfing each website for approximately 20 minutes and then assessing them. He gives to the leading 30 websites: The leading 10 are platinum, next 10 gold, and even the last ten, silver. He examines the sites by providing them mathematical ratings on a range of 1 to 10 in different classifications, and also generally prevents handing out a 10– or a zero– unless it is actually, actually was entitled to, as well as explains 5 as a strong standard. The classifications are:

– Style, which includes the look and feel of the site, not simply the graphics. Not incredibly, several of one of the most efficient designs had few graphics. After all, they’re marketing lawful services, not flash computer animation.

– Material, foring example lawyer bios, technique area descriptions as well as magazines

– Functionality, which generally concerns how easily an individual could discover just what they’re searching for. Consistent navigating is the lynchpin of this group. He takes into consideration usability, sensibly sufficient, from the perspective of those who probably would make use of the website.

– Interactivity needed to a minimum of include a bunch of email links. Good online forms assist boost the score too

– He additionally rates the sites for intangibles. Certainly, that is extremely subjective. An instance of an intangible that matters is wise domain name use.

These credit ratings were then built up. Several companies, not incredibly, connected, with leading tier remaining in the 40s. He likewise examines and ranks mid-sized and also smaller firms.

The evaluations are limited to brief summaries. Buchdahl states that he placed greater than 150 non-billable hrs over the course of six months into the process. Currently, my short evaluation of Buchdahl’s website: Web marketing Attorney is a helpful tool for law firms aiming to market themselves on the web.