So everyone one in the online world is fighting and have a strong lust for traffic. This is the only thing which creates the importance of any website. For instance Google predominates search so it receive millions of hits throughout the globe, Amazon sells products globally and has huge traffic, Microsoft has indeed to much traffic as people log onto website to download the softwares and drives for their computer. If we look at the horizon its traffic which has created the importance of web as there are many millions of websites but only just a fraction of them have the presence in the cyberspace.

Just look at the alexa now :

So this post is regarding the traffic build measures for any website. By website I mean all sites ranging from small to medium and Giant. Usually the sites owned by SME’s are always fighting for traffic as they donot have any regular traffic on their site and even that traffic is not too much. The giants in the industry spends lots of money in creating new tools, content or any other interactive method to drive new visitors besides retaining the old ones.

But here is something which has indeed change the facet of web world and that is blogging. Blogs in itself have become so dominant that online entrepreneurs now consider it as an essential tool of marketing and even interacting with the direct consumers. First we need to find out the original definition of blog which has been derived from the word “Weblog” and was coined by Jorn Barger in 1997 and its short form “Blog” was given by P. Merholz. None of the people over the net or the entrepreneurs realized at that time that it could be such a potential channel.

Now its go anywhere on web and you will find blogs everywhere and technically we call it a Blogosphere – region where the bloggers and its readers are intermingling amongst themselves.

The blog content is somewhat more engaging then the website content because it is aimed in providing information, directions and other necessary resources to the consumers. For Eg. If you are a cosmetic surgeon and have a website indicating your services, its well and good but your website will be visited and searched by the people who are looking only for surgeries instantly but if you are running some blog on the subject on the site itself then various people who are desired to have some surgery or looking for the information related to plastic surgery might be the regular subscribers to the blogs and start questioning / commenting the blogger, this is where the blog dominates its identity as a social media / Web 2.0 platform.

Blogs are so empowered today that even the google indexed the blogs more fastly than the regular webpages. And with technorati, google blog search, blogger we have several free platforms to create and submit blog. As per technorati there is a blog born every half a second. Kids in school, Professors in Colleges, Businessmen in their office are writing blogs and want to reach the people interested in their subject.

There are ample examples of professional blogging whether its of SEM (, Health (, Business (Wall Street Blog) etc. Almost all big corporates are running their official blogs where they publish the information about their latest launches, events and press releases. Even the Small and medium scale business are scaling height for the website via blogs. There are lots of microblogs in the form of wordpress or blogspots which are being used by several SME’s to generate quality traffic for their business. Twitter has really done fair innovation in microblogging community where users can post short paragraphs indicating their service etc. and point them to the URL of their main site or the blog.

No doubt blog is indeed a viable channel of internet marketing and it could be a good CRM tool where customers can directly interact with the businessmen via commenting. But blogging is not so simple, everybody who writes for web cannot be blogger as the blog is writing up of stuff in a very natural manner it is not meant to publicize or market any product instead it is focused in providing free information to the end users.

Important points for the bloggers.

• Instead of blogging on 3rd party like blogger etc. try to install the blog on your own domain. WordPress is the best. (I have the same running) • Keep the design of the blog very simple and plain, but it should be aesthetic and user friendly. • Install all necessary plugins and widgets as possible – Technorati, Translations, SEO, Feedburner etc. for maximum user and seo friendliness. • Keep the blogs posts long (not less than 400 words), short blogs are fair but professional blog postings are quite long. • User proper tags in you posts. • Link your Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter profile with the blog so that they can be syndicated. • Write post by your name and if you have several others create separate account for all of them. • Install unique google analytics on the blog irrespective of the main domain, this will keep you tracking the blog more effectively. • Donot populate your blog with loads of banner / flash ads or junk advertising. Use proper advertising methods as widespread advertising could lead to huge bounces on you blog. • Ping your blog whenever you do postings. • Always syndicate posts in your social media profiles – Facebook, twitter, stumbleupon etc. • Offer RSS subscription via a button and a link as well. • The most important segment of the blog is content make it unique and advanced. But remember always write blogs in a simplified manner as your readers are across the globe who are not too much fluent in English. • User Interactive images and statistical information on the blogs whenever you are giving the instances. • Syndicating your official videos on the blog is another plus.

So blogging if done in a professional manner even for small sites can do huge jobs and drive tremendous traffic and lead to more conversions.

Remember write always in a natural way and think like a consumer.

What are you doing then………………..go start blogging now