Google drive is official app to store your file and data on your android, iPhone, windows, pc, made by Google. This is just like extra virtual hard drive. It will let you to keep your important file, data, photo, audio, video, document etc. The Google company provide a free 15 GB virtual memory that is google drive. You can keep here your all document and backup data. Sometimes we don’t have extra storage to backup data. But the 15 GB free drive will solve your problem.

The  15 GB drive virtual space  free for your all device just you need a Gmail account. As well as you can use more space. If you want to use more than 15 GB, you need to pay a little amount. Like every 25 GB just $2. 5 even you can use up to 1TG. That’s too much if you have a business also you can access your backup data by the drive app.

Google drive is an online virtual   storage service app . It will provide you a specific storage to backup and access your file, data, document, video, photo all everything. Like a hard drive. You access, store share and download anytime anywhere with an internet connection As well as without internet connection.

If you have all full storage on your device and keep your privet data for backup you can use the 15GB free data. Even if you need more space you can use up to 1TB by a yearly payment.  And this is a trusted and safe pace to keep your personal data. As well as it has so many interesting and helpful features. Here you are going to know all everything about the app.

* Create new folder/ file of any name
* Use up to 1TB drive by a little pay.
* Use by only a Gmail account
* Access any file quickly
* Get 15 GB free storage
* Save and backup your important file on virtual herd drive.
* Use online an and offline
* Share, upload, store, delete anything any time.
* Keep all everything like, file, document, link. Video, photo, audio also many more
* You can search by file name
* you can use the device camera to scan paper documents.
* Backup any data

The google drive cloud storage service provide a 15 GB free storage, this is a user’s friendly option to use and keep access. If you are interested to use the cloud service, you need a Gmail account. At   First need to create a Gmail account.

If you already have one just continue to know details about it. if you are a new user and want to use new this part of article is very helpful for you.

Now time to open the drive app on your android. if it’s didn’t install first you need to download it from play store . Then login the drive app by your Gmail account. Now you can see a new option. Tap on the new button to create a new folder. After click you need to put your new folder name and tap on create.

After create you can see a new folder on your drive, if you want you can create more. Then open and now you can upload your file, data, video all everything from your file location. Select one and tap on the open windows. Now you can download and delete anytime. If you have any question about this part. You can leave your question by a comment.

If you upload any file or document o your Google drive you can share those anytime. If you want to share any specific file or link you can share by a simple process.

* At first open the google drive application on your android
* Now click on three dot button beside of the file, which you want to share.
* you can share a file by two ways. share link or share file.
* If you want to share file link click on share link button, to share direct file you need to click on the send file option.
* Now choose a sharing method. you can share by via email, messaging, Facebook, imo , also many more.

If you want to get any file and document on your device from google drive.  You need to download the file from the drive. And the google drive allows to download any file the drive. So let’s know how to download a file.

* Open google drive apk on your phone.
* choice a file which you want to download, you can see a three dot button beside of the file, click on.
* Now tap on the download option

The file will be downloaded by a few seconds on your phone. even you will have to send a notification after finish download. you can open from the notification and can see file location.

The google drive offer us 15GB free storage as a free user.  Sometimes we are store lots of data on the drive. So that sometimes we need to check out the storage before upload a log file. Will it better if you can cheek the storage?  Well, let’s know how to cheek.

* First go to the google drive and open it
* Above of left corner on home page you can see a menu button, that’s look like ☰.
* Now hit on the setting, you can see your used and free storage o first item.

If you think your Google drive storage is storage is getting full, and found some unnecessary data. You can delete those data, file, photo, video, everything.  If you don’t know how to delete a file have a look the part to get an easy example.

* Go to google drive app
* Choice a file which you want to delete
*  You can see a three vertical button on the right side of thumbnail.
* Scroll down and tap on the remove button

Now it will be deleted from google drive. But if you want you can re-upload the file when you need it.

About every android phone have the google drive app. But yet some of the phone don’t fount it, anyways for so many reasons you can need to download the app. There are so many ways for downloading the app. like google play store, its official website, various online platform, 9 apps, something like that. But the best place is google play store for your android device. Here we are providing original download link just hit on the red download button and get the app by a couple of seconds.

As well as the app is available for iPhone and PC version. If you are iPhone user, you can download from the app store . And if you use PC you can login from google drive official websitfor PC.

Conclusion: That was all everything about the Google Drive app. We hope you are clear on this. is happy to share the information with you. We expect that you are happy to know about a new topic. If you think this article is a little helpful, please share this post on different social media and with your friends. And never forget  to know us your important  opinion about this topic. Thanks for staying.