If you happen to lose your smart phone or tablet with Android, definitely you need to have to locate your lost device. It’s suck to lose such important thing in our life, especially if the device is full of very important data or very private data. Irresponsible person who steals it definitely can misuse the data. He or she can even bribe us to spread the data. However, has come to help you with the problem. How can it help us?

  • It can ring the lost device from remote area to locate it easily. It can even ring so loudly for five minutes even if our lost device is in silent mode.
  • It can lock the lost device.
  • It can erase the data in the lost device.

Don’t you think this app is great? Yes, this must be great. How can we set up this app in our device? Here, take a look at the guidance below. However, make sure that the device is associated with Google account and is online for sure.

1.Switch on the Android Device Manager by opening the device setting app, and then choose security, next step is switch on the Remotely Locate This Device, Allow Remote Lock, and Erase. When you use this app in your devise, you have to sign in to your account in Google.

2.Switch on your location access in your device by opening the setting app in your device, and then find Location, next change the turn off to turn on.

3.See if the Android Device Manager can find your device properly. If you cannot find your lost device, make sure you have signed in to your account in Google, and the setting of location is already on, and you also have made turn on.

Use another device with is already installed. Open the application, and then sign in to your account in Google. If you use smart phone, swipe the bottom screen to see your lost device, if you use your tablet, touch the arrow located next to the device and select the lost device. Finally, the Android Device Manager will reveal the location of your lost device approximately.

What do you think? Don’t you think it is necessary for us to have this kind of app just in case we lose our device with important and private data? It is hoped that you find this article about helpful.