This article is about technical issues with your HTC One and using a method advocated by HTC called Wipe Cache Partition to fix these problems.

So the other day I’m in Waco and needing to get from one end of town to the other. I fire up Google Maps and get ready to roll. Wait a minute, not so fast! My Maps application is not working. The arrow knows where I’m at but it wont follow me of guide me. It just keeps wiggling around. OK, this must be a fluke, I think. I close the program and restart it- same problem. I shut the phone off and then turned it back on- same problem. I had just updated to the latest version of Android for HTC One (Kit Kat 4.4) a couple of days ago. Could this be part of the issue? I Googled the issue and found no help. I called HTC tech support and was pleasantly surprised when the answered the phone within 30 seconds. The person I talked to was very friendly and helpful. He told me to try a “Wipe Cache Partition” and that should fix the problem. He emailed me the steps. I performed the wipe as instructed and BAM- problem fixed! So now I’m going to show you how to do it in case you should ever need. **NOTE- DOING THIS WILL NOT DELETE ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA**

HTC One Wipe Cache Partition Steps

1. Go to Settings, Battery, and uncheck Fast Boot. This is very important.

2. Turn the phone off.

3. With the volume rocker held down, turn the phone on.

4. When the boot loader screen appears, let go of the volume down button.

6. You will then see a red triangle with a ! in the middle. Press and hold the volume up rocker and then press the power button once, Let go of the volume up button and use the volume down rocker to select “Wipe Cache Partition”

7. Press the Power button once, briefly.

8. When the same screen appears again, “Reboot System” should be highlighted. Press the Power button once to select and the phone will restart.

9. That’s it!